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About ProRider Delmarva

We Will Help You Unlock Your Potential

Are you ready to learn to ride? We mean, REALLY ride? ProRider Delmarva is here to assist you in achieving your goals; whether they are to make a U-turn in under 25 feet, or to become the safest and most accomplished rider that you can be, our team is dedicated to helping you enjoy the ride. With a curriculum that mirrors Law-Enforcement style training, we will provide the instruction which can improve your skills AND your confidence!

Take a class with us to see how much improvement there is to be gained in your riding abilities. Our instructors have nearly 70 years of riding and over 40 years of instruction in their tour packs to give you the skill necessary to reach your desired level.

Your bike's brand, size, or age doesn't matter! We can teach you these techniques on any two-wheeled motorcycle from sport-bike to bagger, adventure to cruiser, café racer to full dresser. Scooters and dirt bikes are also welcome! 

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